Title: 3x3 Eyes
Jap. Kanji: サザンアイズ
Synonyms: 3x3 Eyes - Immortals, Sazan Eyes
Short: 3x3
Type: OVA
Genres: Action, Demons, Fantasy
Year: 1991-1992
URL: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/33eyes/
Eps: 4 ( 0 in mylist / 0 seen )
Specials: 2 in mylist / 0 seen
Size: 1399 MB
Rating: 7.30 (661 votes)
Reviews: 7.58 (2 reviews)
AniDB AID: 2
AnimeNfo ID: 4
Date: 21.04.2002 13:17
Pai is the last of the Sanjiyan -- a magical race of 3-eyed creatures, and she comes in search of Tokyo high-school student Yakumo with news of his father`s death and hopes of becoming human. After a fatal accident, Pai is forced to absorb Yakumo`s soul to keep him from dying, making him an undead creature bound to her. Their journey to make Pai human becomes complicated with dark forces seeking to stop them, especially when Pai`s crueler nature emerges... 
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Ep Name Length Aired State
S9001 Episodes 1-2 
59 min
state: on cd
S9002 Episodes 3-4 
58 min
state: on cd

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