Title: Armitage III - Dual Matrix
Jap. Kanji: アミテージ・ザ・サード DUAL-MATRIX
Short: DualMatrix
Type: Movie
Genres: Action, SciFi
Year: 2002
Producer: AIC (Anime International Company)
URL: http://www.aicanime.com/products/armitage/dualtop.html
Eps: 1 ( 1 in mylist / 0 seen )
Specials: 0 in mylist / 0 seen
Size: 692 MB
Rating: 7.18 (492 votes)
Reviews: 7.71 (3 reviews)
AniDB AID: 237
AnimeNfo ID: 1077
Date: 05.10.2002 05:44
Sequel to Armitage - Poly Matrix.

The Bad Girl Returns! Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylibus have changed their names and live with their daughter Yoko as a happy and normal family on Mars - until a robot riot breaks out at an anti-matter plant on Earth.

Armitage learns the riot is a plot to suppress evidence of illegal research and development of more "Third Robots" and decides to go to Earth to find out who is behind this heinous act. What Armitage discovers is the most powerful enemy she has ever encountered - replicas of herself! 
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Ep Name Length Aired State
1 Complete Movie 
89 min
state: on cd

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