Title: Seikai no Senki
Jap. Kanji: 星界の戦旗
Synonyms: Battle Flag of the Stars
Short: BFotS, bots, bots1, SnS, SnS1
Type: TV
Genres: Action, Romance, SciFi, Space
Year: 2000
URL: http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/datacard/card0181.htm
Eps: 13 ( 5 in mylist / 0 seen )
Specials: 0 in mylist / 0 seen
Size: 1148 MB
Rating: 8.40 (1083 votes)
Reviews: 8.87 (4 reviews)
AniDB AID: 4
AnimeNfo ID: 368
Date: 21.04.2002 13:23
[Taken From AnimeNFO]

In the far future when humankind advanced to whole areas of galactic systems, the universe consisted on the nations of many stars. The most powerful nation in them was "Humankind empire Abh". Abh got the body which was the most suitable for the life in the outer space being genetically modifies.
However, the war which would continue long time started by the surprise attack of the army of the "United Mankind" to recover from inferiority. 
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Ep Name Length Aired State
1 Reunion 
24 min
state: on cd
2 War of Renibu 
25 min
state: on cd
3 The Assault Ship Barsroil 
25 min
state: on cd
4 First Battle 
25 min
state: on cd
5 The Beautiful Insanity 
25 min
state: on cd

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