Title: Happy World!
Jap. Kanji:
Short: HW
Type: OVA
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Magic, Romance
Year: 2002-2003
Producer: KSS
URL: http://www.kss-inc.co.jp/anime/happyworld/
Eps: 3 ( 3 in mylist / 0 seen )
Specials: 0 in mylist / 0 seen
Size: 769 MB
Rating: 6.61 (400 votes)
Reviews: 6.66 (1 reviews)
AniDB AID: 492
AnimeNfo ID: 1153
Date: 21.01.2003 23:38
God divided happiness and misfortune into man equally. However, there is only one person in the world who has only misfortune given to him. That person name is Takeshi, and he has only bad luck with his life since he was a kid.

Welcome Elle, a beautiful angel dispatched by god to "compensate" Takeshi losses and to protect him from his misfortune. At first, Takeshi is rather annoyed by Elle presence around him. But after Elle saves his life, finally Takeshi learns to accept Elle. Elle then uses her power to become human and lives with Takeshi along with his stepmother, Sanae, and his stepsister, Motoko. 
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Ep Name Length Aired State
1 A not-so-very useful angel has come down to me 
28 min
state: on hdd
2 Chase the Chance 
25 min
state: on hdd
3 Over The Rainbow 
27 min
state: on hdd

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