Selene Scriven's Resume

Contact info

phone: 970-###-#### (available on request)
6715 Autumn Ridge Dr. Unit #2
Fort Collins, CO 80525 :: ToyKeeper


Tinkerer, free software generalist, and online community organizer.

I've done a lot of different things so it's difficult to list everything in detail, but some of my major fields of work include:

  • software development
  • firmware development
  • quality assurance
  • system and network administration
  • linux distro development
  • web site, portal, framework, and backend development
  • database design and administration
  • embedded applications
  • graphic / game development
  • audio/video processing
  • online community management
  • customer and client support
  • technical documentation
  • writing and editing articles
  • gluing systems together to build custom solutions

I've used way too many individual tools and technologies to list everything individually, but below are some which I enjoyed or use relatively often.

Tool Box


Operating Systems:

Linux distros mostly (especially Debian and Ubuntu), but also some other Unixes and occasional experience with Windows.

Programming Languages:

Python, C, C++, shell, PHP, Ruby, Perl, a little Javascript, Lisp, Scheme, tcl/Tk, Assembly; and I enjoy learning other languages.

Programming Tools:

Bzr + Launchpad, Git + Github, Subversion, make, Vim, SWIG, Bugzilla, Trac, Request Tracker, Issue Tracker, etc...


HTML, CSS, a little Javascript, XML, XSLT, WSGI, CGI, Apache, Django, Flask, Zope, Plone, Drupal, Cheetah, Markdown, ... Familiar with accessibility techniques, section 508, and W3C standards.


PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, SQLalchemy, Peewee.

Networking / Administration:

Familiar with ftp, http, ssh, telnet, smtp, nntp, pop3, ntp/xtp, samba, dhcp, nfs, tcp/ip, etc... Routing via iptables, ipchains, Shorewall, NAT, vtun, ssh, mesh networks, 802.3, 802.11, ... Network monitoring with MRTG, SNMP, Big Brother, smokeping, nmap, kismet, tcpdump... Email admin with postfix, procmail, sendmail, ssmtp, DSPAM, spamprobe, spamassassin, fetchmail. DNS admin with bind.

Graphic Design:

2D / 3D animation, image morphing, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Alias Studio, Maya, Image Alchemy, ImageMagick, Alias Composer.

Graphics Programming:

2D, 3D, framebuffer, computer vision, raytracing, image morphing, image processing and filtering, sprites, widgets, s/z-buffering, graphic file formats, discrete physics simulation, OpenGL, GTK+, TK, SDL, Qt, and custom toolkits.


Fairly broad experience configuring hardware ranging from Linux PDAs to 3-ton cellular servers, including a variety of notebooks, workstations, and servers in-between.


Familiar with standard productivity tools such as Office, Outlook, IE, Photoshop, etc.

Particular Interests:

Investigating errors, optimizing processes, embedded Linux (iPaq, Zaurus,, Familiar, OpenZaurus, Python, GTK+, ...), eTexts / eBooks, document archival, music composition, wireless networking, audio/video encoding and streaming (Ogg, DivX/XviD, mencoder, ...), graphics algorithms, encrypted communications.

Development Experience


Linux Distros:

I've been involved in making Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu Snappy, Yellow Dog Linux, Familiar Linux, Fedora, RHEL, and SLES. This has meant wearing many different hats... for example: writing utilities, dissecting phones to automate testing and measurements, writing OS installers, designing team work processes, helping users and being their voice within a company, breaking the kernel on million-dollar servers to make sure they're solid, doing demos at trade shows, putting out fires, automating OS and test harness deployment, debugging all manner of problems, teaching coworkers at sprints, doing forensic analysis of server logs, exploratory testing, designing tech architecture, automating anything tedious my coworkers have to do, and sometimes even making new core tools which still get used over a decade later.

BLF / Flashlight Firmware:

This may sound ridiculous, but there is such a thing as flashlight enthusiasts... and I seem to be their queen. I maintain the code repository for several large and thriving communities of people who love shiny things. I also wrote much of the firmware the community uses, and somehow ended up with fans all over the world. XKCD even made a comic about us. People also seem to like the UI diagrams I make for lights. For example: BLF-A6, Crescendo, Anduril, Lightsaber.
We basically made our own version of Kickstarter so the community can get the products we want, and I've been one of the main figures in those efforts. Though only a hobby, we've managed to flip over an industry, just for fun.


The first time I got slashdotted was when I released LCDproc back in 1998. That accidentally saved a dying company and resulted in a trip to Canada to meet them, which was fun. Now, 20+ years later, the project is still alive and has a bunch of spinoffs. I even got my old LCD out again in 2018 to use it as a general status meter for life.

Debian users: apt-get install lcdproc

Productivity Tools:

Over time I've built a number of todo lists, task managers, dashboards, and other productivty tools. These include:
TKDO, a GTD-style todo list using plain text files,
Slate, a bullet journal-style daily organizer,
Xactivity, an automatic time tracker which sorts activity into buckets based on time spent per window,
Woody, an outliner with task management features,
and a dashboard to merge together any number of arbitrary data sources for an overall view of how things are going.

Bering Sea:

When a remote arctic island was classified as an economic disaster area due to overfishing, I went there to set up internet access and web-based community organization tools, and to teach people how to make a living online. The isolated community now has solid and sustainable non-fishing income.


A friend and I made the video systems, piloting systems, and other software for a deep sea remote-control mini-sub with stereo vision. The idea was that a professor in Kansas could pilot it real-time during class from thousands of miles away, or otherwise do remote deep-sea research. Fun project, but then DARPA bought it and made it disappear.

PC Demoscene:

During the height of the PC demoscene, I made a hobby out of watching every new demo and then figuring out how to implement the same effects the demo used, then releasing the code under an open license. Several of these were included with the SDL gaming library for a while, and every once in a while I find my old code in surprising places. Probably the most popular was a water / swimming pool simulation.

Toy Projects:

I'm always making some sort of new toy. Some of my past projects included a bunch of game/puzzle solvers, a RSVP book reader, a computer vision tool to find objects in images, a facial recognition engine, a file manager and media launcher, a small suite of Linux PDA tools, a RPN calculator app, a raytracer with focusable lens, several demoscene effects which got popular enough to show up in commercial products, a highly-organized photo manager, a text imitator and insult generator, a web framework, a few clocks, some chat bots, etc. Projects are on the software part of my site, plus Launchpad and Github.


  • Valedictorian at Loveland High School, 1996.
  • Graduated Cum Laude from CSU (Colorado State University) as a Computer Science major.
  • Member of National Honor Society, Key Club, Act One, Thespian Society, CSU Distinguished Scholars.

Hobbies and Other Interests

  • solving puzzles and games with code
  • circuit design (but I'm a noob)
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • 3D animation
  • graphics algorithms
  • cats
  • psychology
  • making complex ideas simple
  • sewing
  • theatre
  • anime
  • ... a little bit of everything ...

Previous Employment


Canonical, Ltd

(we make Ubuntu Linux)
Infrastructure Systems Development Customer Support Engineer

Provided tier 2 and tier 3 support for millions of users by myself, plus half of tier 1. Built and improved infrastructure for customer support, including ticket systems, FAQs, knowledge bases, support maps, and process automation tools. Optimized, automated, and documented best practices. Defined and created ways to measure and prioritize support and bugs. Led the company's community of practice for customer support, facilitating collaboration and sharing while leading efforts to improve our practices and technology. Did forensic investigations on production systems for logins, payments, and cloud services. Led efforts to build support into our app market and offload tickets to individual vendors.

2011-02-28 - 2017-04-11


Fort Collins, CO
Linux QA Engineer

Contributed to overall test objectives, approaches and plans. Developed new infrastructure as necessary to enhance testing efficiency. Developed new tests to cover specific features and functionality. Ensured QA test activities were coordinated with program release schedules, and executed on schedule. Worked with other intercompany organizations, the open source community, and external test groups to leverage and partner for test activities.

2006-05-30 - 2010-11-22


I perform a variety of services for clients, including the following:
  • admin, troubleshoot, and maintain servers and networks
  • perform security audits and address security problems
  • manage email, dns, web services, databases, backups, security, etc
  • install / maintain wireless/wired networks
  • create web sites, portals, and stores
  • integrate systems and software to solve client issues
  • design and develop custom software
  • teach basic linux use, web design, and organization skills
  • provide 24/7 tech support
  • write technical documentation

2000-06-01 - 2007-01-01

References available upon request.