Game Night Stories

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Every Wednesday people gather at my home to play games. The games we play vary: Clue, Settlers of Catan, Set, Flux, Operation, etc. For several weeks, though, we have been ending the night with the same activity, round-robin story writing.

It's a simple parlor game. Each person has paper and a writing implement. One person chooses any book off the shelves, opens it to a random page, and reads the first complete sentence he or she sees. Each person, including the one who found it, writes this line as the first line on his or her page. Once everyone has written the sentence, a timer is started. Everyone writes for two minutes, using the sentence as the launching point. At the end of the two minutes, everyone finishes their sentences, then they pass their papers to the next writers. Everyone reads what was written, and then the timer is started again. This continues until everyone has written on every page, with a reminder at the last set so the writers can create an ending. No writer ever gets to see more than the work of the writer immediately before him or her, is keeping a story line flowing, and keeping basic story elements, is challenging.

First few words:
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