Dream: Messing with Fate

the legacy of the 12 tomes
This is a dream I had, and wanted to write down. I first wrote it by telling it to a friend on IRC, and have been intending to rewrite it since then. Please excuse the messy format, and try not to pay too much attention to core's odd comments. :)
<ToyKeeper>	They come in threes -- watch out!
<ToyKeeper>	The three fates are coming to get you.
<ToyKeeper>	Man, that was a weird dream.
<ToyKeeper>	But, whoa the fates were hot.  :)
<ToyKeeper>	But I had to outsmart them to avoid letting aliens take over the planet.
<core>	is it me or is ozric playing three or ten melodies at the same time
<ToyKeeper>	It's not just you.  :)
<core>	hey
<ToyKeeper>	hey?
<ToyKeeper>	Hay is for horses, and my sister.
<core>	i had an awesome time at um...
<core>	memory...
<core>	Spearamint Rhinos
<core>	it's the best topless club in vegas
<core>	and i lived the three fates
<core>	omfg
<core>	did i ever
<core>	hehe
<core>	echoes are you tearing away from reality and focusing on a moment
<ToyKeeper>	There were these twelve ancient books, and a secret chamber where they could activate a certain spell...
<ToyKeeper>	I found the chamber.  Nobody ever had.  I got in, even though it was magically locked.
<ToyKeeper>	My colleages had the books already.
<ToyKeeper>	We cast the spell, and nothing happened.
<ToyKeeper>	At least, not right away.
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't realize what had happened until later.  Much later.
<core>	:)))
<ToyKeeper>	Since I had opened the chamber, the spell affected me.
<core>	ahhh
<ToyKeeper>	It gave me the ability to control time, but only through extreme emotion.
<ToyKeeper>	The girl I loved was about to die, and while screaming insanely, the world changed.
<core>	it does that
<ToyKeeper>	Suddenly I was in the past, and in the chamber.  Safe.
<core>	just to keep you from getting to comfortable
<core>	letting you know it's time to move on
<ToyKeeper>	But after I first used the ability, the fates came after me to set time back how it was before.
<ToyKeeper>	One of the fates controlled body.  One controlled mind.  The third was heart/soul.
<ToyKeeper>	I totally failed to resist the "body" fate..  :)
<ToyKeeper>	I had better luck keeping away from the other two.
<ToyKeeper>	All three had to succeed to reset time, though.  So, I lucked out.
<ToyKeeper>	...
*	ToyKeeper wants to be chased and seduced by three attractive females who control time/space.
<core>	mmmm
<core>	ozric finalies are spectacular
<core>	hehe
<core>	it's hard to resist the body fate
<core>	hehe
<core>	i know
<ToyKeeper>	:)
<ToyKeeper>	I mean.. 
<ToyKeeper>	Heh!
<ToyKeeper>	Heh!
<ToyKeeper>	Heh!
<core>	posessions == fullfillment in many ways i just noticed
<ToyKeeper>	Yes.  Flexible solutions to modern living.
<core>	sad isnt it
<core>	so tell me about these three fates
<core>	you had this dream?
<ToyKeeper>	Yup.
<ToyKeeper>	A few days ago.
<ToyKeeper>	It was about 2 hours, long, and very detailed.
<core>	but you'd had it before too right
<ToyKeeper>	Nope.  First time I had it.
<ToyKeeper>	I left out all the bits about the alien invasion.  :)
<core>	i had one with about 7 ex gfs
<core>	all naked
<core>	it was a dream of temptation
<core>	so vivid
<ToyKeeper>	Why can't I have *those* dreams??
<core>	tell me about the alien invasion
<ToyKeeper>	Almost every time I even try to kiss a girl in a dream, I wake up.
<core>	gimmie details i'm listening to louden being mellow quiet before the storm
<core>	oh yes man
<core>	i woke up when i couldnt resist
<core>	as long as you can hold out is pleasure
<core>	but such a tease
<core>	reality has great pleasures
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	I was a college student.
<core>	and then there is the trip
<core>	k
*	core will continue later
<ToyKeeper>	I was involved in a personal quest to find dthe twelve tomes of an ancient magic, plus the key to activate it.
<core>	at CSU/
<ToyKeeper>	I was also trying to get involved with a girl I liked.
<ToyKeeper>	She looked to be a cross between Kate Winslet and Uma Thurman.  I'll call her Kate.
---	core is now known as Kore
<ToyKeeper>	I was on an expedition one day, and found the chamber the ancients used to practice their magic.
<ToyKeeper>	I already had the key, so I went in.
<ToyKeeper>	I told the others of my group about it, and we all came back.
<Kore>	brb
<ToyKeeper>	This included the school's Dean and his son.  The Dean had found the twelve books.
<ToyKeeper>	So, we went and he tried to activate their magic.  He went through a complex process, and dnothing happened.
<ToyKeeper>	I thought I felt something, but I didn't mention it.  we packed and left.
<ToyKeeper>	That night, we went to a place in the mountains to relax.  Me, Kate, and some other friends.
<ToyKeeper>	Kate and I stole glances and smiles at each other, until I was interrupted by a vivid daydream.
<ToyKeeper>	I was looking at the sky and saw a shooting star.
<ToyKeeper>	It went ddown below the horizon, and disappeared.
<Kore>	i had to pour some anxiety into the well of doubts and fears
<ToyKeeper>	But then I saw a huge explosion, and feared for the shock wave which would surely kill us.
<ToyKeeper>	We all panicked, and I huddled together with Kate.
<ToyKeeper>	She confessed her love for me as the shock wave came within sight.
<ToyKeeper>	We braced for impact, and suddenly nothing happened.
<Kore>	i liked the interrupted part
<Kore>	that's key
<ToyKeeper>	I was still with everyone, and they looked at me funny.  I made a few excuses about my hallucination, and the night went on.
<ToyKeeper>	...  (next day)  I went to class, eager to see Kate.
<ToyKeeper>	Before class, she told dme about her latest work.
*	Kore turns off random
<ToyKeeper>	She was both an artist and a writer, and quite talented.
<Kore>	did she know the dream
<ToyKeeper>	The class was huge, like a stadium, but eventually it settled down and the teacher spoke.
<Kore>	or just you
<ToyKeeper>	Kate agreed to walk home with me that night.
<ToyKeeper>	(nobody else knew about my daydream)
<ToyKeeper>	(but it sure felt real)
<Kore>	:(
<ToyKeeper>	We walked after school, with an endless supply of coy looks and implied affections.
<ToyKeeper>	Eventually we got to her house, and she kissed me goodbye.
<ToyKeeper>	I was surprised, and kissed her again.  Really kissed her.
<ToyKeeper>	The she left with a smile.
<ToyKeeper>	My head was spinning as I walked home.
<ToyKeeper>	My mind cleared, and I thought about the ancient magic again.  I decided to go back.
<ToyKeeper>	So, I did.
<ToyKeeper>	I ran into the Dean's son there, who sometimes didn't act like the rich kid he was.
<ToyKeeper>	He had brought the books with him.
<ToyKeeper>	Those rare, valuable books.
<ToyKeeper>	He told me he had an idea why it didn't work, but didn't think he could fix it.
<ToyKeeper>	I guess the ceremony we performed was only a formality, and the real magic could only be evoked by an appeal of the soul.
<ToyKeeper>	He admitted he didn't have the strength to dod that, and decided to leave the books set up for someone more worthy.
<ToyKeeper>	I still had the key; nobody seemed to care about it.
<ToyKeeper>	After he left, I wrote a note for whoever entered, and locked the door on my way out.
<Kore>	what did the note say
<ToyKeeper>	(I don't remember..)
<ToyKeeper>	Anyway, I locked the door with a magical seal.
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	The next day, I went to school.
<ToyKeeper>	I was going to be late for a business meeting, but I went to class anyway.  I wanted to see Kate.
<ToyKeeper>	She gave me a big hug.
<ToyKeeper>	We held hands through class.
<ToyKeeper>	Then we went to lunch.
<Kore>	fd i hate the waiting on shrooms
<ToyKeeper>	Except, we didn't make it to lunch.
<ToyKeeper>	A space ship descended on us and a battle started.
<ToyKeeper>	WTF, right?
<Kore>	i hear ya
<Kore>	:)
<ToyKeeper>	Aliens in battle suits with laser guns took people down before they even realized what was going on.
<ToyKeeper>	We hid.
<ToyKeeper>	An alien came near, and I managed to wrestle its gun away, then I shot it.
<ToyKeeper>	I told Kate to run to safety, and I'd cover her.
<ToyKeeper>	She kissed me, then took off.
<ToyKeeper>	I killed das many aliens as I could, over the rest of the day.
<ToyKeeper>	Hours of running, hiding, sniping, and killing.
<ToyKeeper>	But everyone else was being herded into concentration camps.
<ToyKeeper>	I tried to infiltrate one and ended up getting myself captured.
<ToyKeeper>	But I didn't care; at least Kate was safe.
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	People were tortured, one at a time, until they swore loyalty to the aliens.
<Kore>	could there not be a race of man far superior to the common man
<ToyKeeper>	Then it was my turn.
<ToyKeeper>	They took me to their commander.
<ToyKeeper>	"I've heard about you," he said.  "You're the one who killed an entire battalion.  I'm going to have FUN with you..."
<Kore>	one who upon meeting a commoner would scarcely have words to describe
<ToyKeeper>	He mumbled something to the lieutenant, who left.
<ToyKeeper>	He told me to resist.
<ToyKeeper>	Just try to defy him.
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	"Okay, sure..  But why?" I asked.
<ToyKeeper>	He was a little confused.
<Kore>	wuahah
<ToyKeeper>	He commented about how I was surely the one, then tried to explain.
<ToyKeeper>	He tried to tell me that all of this was my foult.  That I wouldn't understand, but my actions had caused it.
<ToyKeeper>	He told me I was in for unimaginable pain.
<ToyKeeper>	The lieutenant came back.
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	"But first..." he said, and I saw the lieutenant had brought Kate!
<ToyKeeper>	She looked beaten.
<ToyKeeper>	Upon seeing me, her eyes filled with tears, and a strange intensity of purpose.
<Kore>	you're a great writer :)
<ToyKeeper>	She reached for me, and screamed.  "You must stop this!  No one else can!  Somehow you're linked --"  and the commander hit her.
<ToyKeeper>	(I'm not a great writer..  you're stoned.  :)
<Kore>	hah
<Kore>	i am supposed to be tripping
<Kore>	:(
<ToyKeeper>	He pulled out his gun and told her to "shut up, bitch."
<Kore>	i am tempted to eat all these pills
<ToyKeeper>	As he raised the gun, I screamed "NOOO!!!"
<ToyKeeper>	His aim took, and he pulled the trigger.
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't know why, but I shut my eyes tight, and pictured the chamber of the twelve books.
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't hear the gunshot.
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't hear any voices.
<ToyKeeper>	I heard a low hum.
<ToyKeeper>	I opened my eyes and saw twelve glowing books on pedestals.
<ToyKeeper>	The key around my neck was burning-hot.
<ToyKeeper>	I was more than a little confused.
<ToyKeeper>	But Kate was dead.
<ToyKeeper>	I loved her!
<ToyKeeper>	She was perfect!
<ToyKeeper>	So, I cried.
<ToyKeeper>	I cried for a long time.
<Kore>	all that i wanted all that i need died with you... into the grave
<Kore>	s/need/needed/
<ToyKeeper>	(exactly)
<Kore>	words to a song i wrote
<Kore>	hehe
<Kore>	anyways keep going
<ToyKeeper>	I went to each of the books and cried a few drops on each cover.
<Kore>	ah yes
<ToyKeeper>	As I did so, the light of each book went out.
<ToyKeeper>	Then I sat in the darkness, crying, feeling the love burning away in me.
<ToyKeeper>	Not feeling the key burning my chest.
<ToyKeeper>	And I thought.
<ToyKeeper>	I thought about everything.
<Kore>	then a chorus of violins kucks in
<ToyKeeper>	I thought for hours.
<Kore>	heh
<Kore>	er...
<ToyKeeper>	I though about Kate's last words.
<Kore>	s/heh//
<ToyKeeper>	(btw, this is where I stopped writing things down, and have to pull the rest out of my ass)
<Kore>	i've been there
<ToyKeeper>	I eventually slept.
<ToyKeeper>	In the morning, I left the chamber, and locked it again.  I left the note, too.
<ToyKeeper>	And the books.
<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	I was going to go back to the concentration camp, and blow the hell out of it.
<ToyKeeper>	But it wasn't there.
<ToyKeeper>	It didn't look like it had ever been there.
<ToyKeeper>	So, I went to school.
<ToyKeeper>	People were there, in classes.  Learning.
<ToyKeeper>	Learning!
<Kore>	wow everything got real loud
<ToyKeeper>	They didn't know anything about an alien invasion.
<ToyKeeper>	So, I went to class.
<ToyKeeper>	Kate was there!
<Kore>	that's fucked man
<ToyKeeper>	My heart about leapt through my ears when I saw her.
<Kore>	like so your fate was saved by your key and in reality your fate never occured
<ToyKeeper>	She was happy to see me too.
<ToyKeeper>	But a little confused about why I was crying to see her.
<Kore>	but you having experienced the fate potential
<ToyKeeper>	I thought about her last words again.
<ToyKeeper>	After class, I took her somewhere private.
<Kore>	are overwhelmed and totally so happy with what seemed everyday life before
<ToyKeeper>	I knew I had to change my actions, or it would all happen again.
<Kore>	what did you do??
<ToyKeeper>	I told Kate I didn't want to be her friend.  I didn't want to see her any more, or talk to her.
<ToyKeeper>	She didn't believe me.
<ToyKeeper>	I felt like a black hole.
<ToyKeeper>	One big piece of nastiness.
<ToyKeeper>	I cried.
<ToyKeeper>	I took a deep breath, and calmed myself.
<ToyKeeper>	Then I looked her in the eye and told her I hated her.
<ToyKeeper>	A few moments passed.
<Kore>	damn volume
<ToyKeeper>	Then she ran off screaming.
<ToyKeeper>	I collapsed on the floor.
<ToyKeeper>	I had done the hard part.  Now, all I had to do was wait and see if the invasion still happened.
<Kore>	if i am not tripping i dont know what is but i dont feel like it
<Kore>	hrm
<Kore>	heheh
<ToyKeeper>	An unfamiliar voice asked me if I was okay.
<ToyKeeper>	I looked up, and despite my state of mind, my jaw dropped.
<Kore>	it was her
<ToyKeeper>	I saw the sexiest woman I had ever seen, holding her hand out to me and smiling.
<ToyKeeper>	Kate was nowhere to be found.
<ToyKeeper>	I took her hand, and she helped me up.
<Kore>	name her
<Kore>	this woman
<ToyKeeper>	(her name was "body", but she didn't tell me this yet)
<ToyKeeper>	She asked me again if I was okay, and I lied.
<ToyKeeper>	I told her it was nothing.
<ToyKeeper>	I wiped the tears away, and shrugged.
<Kore>	god man
<Kore>	why do we all do that
<Kore>	shake a hot woman in our face and we say sarah who? ;-)
<ToyKeeper>	There was no one around.  Everything was pretty quiet, and I didn't know or care what time it was.
<ToyKeeper>	So, we talked for a while, as we walked around.
<ToyKeeper>	I don't remember what we said; all I could think about was sex.
<ToyKeeper>	What was wrong with me?  I'm not like that.
<Kore>	i could really dig a cigarette right now
<ToyKeeper>	Maybe it was the tight leather she was wearing.  Or maybe I just needed someone to cling to.  I don't know.
<Kore>	rar
<ToyKeeper>	Eventually she left me, and I wandered home.
<ToyKeeper>	I spent a lot of time thinking.
<ToyKeeper>	Or, at least, I tried to.
<ToyKeeper>	But images of that woman kept coming to mind.
<ToyKeeper>	I couldn't help it.
<Kore>	i walked out of Spearamint Rhino into the dawn of a new day and utter awe that it was day any day... it was so night to me in there
<ToyKeeper>	I eventually went to bed, exhausted and without dinner.
<ToyKeeper>	The next day, I didn't really know what to do, so I went to school.
<Kore>	ever throw you past out the window and say who am i based on this instant now
<ToyKeeper>	(heh, yeah)
<ToyKeeper>	I was still pretty confused.  And fuzzy.
<ToyKeeper>	It felt like a bad dream.
<Kore>	ack
<Kore>	you have to see Kate again?
<ToyKeeper>	But when I saw Kate, I knew it wasn't.  She gave me a pained look, then quickly ducked into a classroom to get away.
<Kore>	cruel
<Kore>	CRUEL
<ToyKeeper>	I knew I couldn't tell her the truth.
<ToyKeeper>	So I walked the other way.
<Kore>	that you forgot about her for body
<Kore>	hehe
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't pay much attention to where I was going, or who I bumped into.
<ToyKeeper>	But someone called my name and I looked up.
<ToyKeeper>	I think more than one part of me looked up.
<ToyKeeper>	It was the woman from yesterday.
<Kore>	wuehehe
<ToyKeeper>	She told me I still looked pretty shaken, and I should tell her about what was bothering me.
<ToyKeeper>	I just nodded and obeyed.
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't tell her what was *really* going on, but she still bought the story I made up.
<Kore>	bbs smoke or choke
<ToyKeeper>	It must have been a pretty braindead story, too.  It was hard to think.
<ToyKeeper>	I just followed her lead, and babbled.
<ToyKeeper>	Pretty soon, we were sitting in an apartment.
<ToyKeeper>	She gave me a drink.  Looked like Sprite.  Tasted like Sprite.
<ToyKeeper>	"Is this Sprite?", I asked.
<ToyKeeper>	She giggled, and smiled.  I felt silly for asking.
<ToyKeeper>	Then she got more serious.  "Look, if you need a place to stay, or someone to talk to while you're down, I'm here for you."
<ToyKeeper>	She was pretty when she was serious.  She was pretty all the time.
<ToyKeeper>	I just nodded and mumbled "uh-huh.."

She told me "No, really. I mean it." Then she stood up and moved to sit next to me on the loveseat. "That couch I was just sitting on, it makes a great bed. I'd be happy to help you with anything you need. I want to make you feel better."

I smiled. She was sitting next to me.

I was overjoyed to be this close to her, but I began to be wary of my situation. I felt an unnaturally strong desire for her, which made me immediately cautious. But my fear dissolved almost instantly as something unexpected enveloped me.

It was like I was in a trance. I was no longer aware of anything but her. I felt a strange soothing force pulling me, calming me, telling my body to do things. Telling me to let go. Obey. It wrapped itself around me like sleep at the fringes of my mind, pulling me in and numbing my ability to resist. Her leg touched mine and created a powerfully relaxing feeling which spread slowly through me. I felt it taking over as I let the force pull me. I gently grasped her hand, and I felt the force intensely from her soft skin. My breathing sped and my heart raced as I looked into her eyes, and said "Thank you." I beheld at a goddess, and barely felt my slipping grip waning. Her eyes pierced through me as I slowly drew near her. I was falling toward her, numb, unable to stop the ground from getting closer. My mind shut down and I surrendered completely as my lips touched hers.

The next few hours passed with complete bliss, a blur of warmth, weightlessness, and pleasure. I let the force pull me as it gently rocked and soothed me. I had no conscious thought, but I saw images of her and felt tides of pleasure rise repeatedly. I vaguely could distinguish her lips, her smile. Her eyes, and her legs around me. Sounds uttered from her lips, making reality blur. I felt her numbly as the tide rocked us, and then slowly faded away as my mind drifted to sleep.

Then blackness.

I began to feel cold. I woke, and found her standing at the end of the bed, looking at me with an entirely new and worrying expression on her beautiful face.

"No, thank you", she said in a way which made my stomach churn.

I squeaked a sound of confusion.

"I never told you my name. I'm known sometimes as 'Body'. I'm not who you think I am." After a pause she added, "I am your new owner."

At this, my mind suddenly cleared, and I sat up alert.


"It's simple," she explained. "You gave yourself to me, so now I own you."

"What do you mean? You can't own a person. We just.. I mean, .. you didn't --" I lost my words.

"Look. I control you, therefore I own you. See?" She made a gesture with her hand, and an insanely pleasant sensation raced through my body. I panted and contorted myself into a bizarre position until she released me.

"You understand," she said, and left. I passed out, suddenly exhausted.

<ToyKeeper>	...
<ToyKeeper>	When I woke up, I was immediately alert.
<ToyKeeper>	I was home.
<ToyKeeper>	It was morning.
<Kore>	back... had to have fun with the mirror
<Kore>	hehehe
<ToyKeeper>	I was late for school.
<ToyKeeper>	(heh..  mirrors are cool)
<Kore>	i need to scroll up
<ToyKeeper>	( Go ahead.  I'll keep babbling.  :)
<ToyKeeper>	I decided I had to get to school and talk to Kate.
<ToyKeeper>	Something had gone horribly wrong, and I needed to tell her everything that had happened.
<ToyKeeper>	I needed her advice.
<ToyKeeper>	I hurried to get there.  For some reason, I wasn't hungry.
<ToyKeeper>	Class had already started, so I decided to wait outsided for her.
<Kore>	this is a rad story
<ToyKeeper>	But while I was waiting, Body showed up.
<Kore>	doh
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't experience the usual loss of self-control when I saw her.
<ToyKeeper>	She wasn't alone this time, either.
<ToyKeeper>	She was with two other very intriguing women, one to each side of her, following.
<ToyKeeper>	"I'd like you to meet my friends -- Mind and Heart," she said.
<ToyKeeper>	I should have panicked, but I didn't.
<ToyKeeper>	Instead, I went to introduce myself to the two new women.
<ToyKeeper>	I first met Mind, and shook her hand.  I wanted to talk to her.  Really wanted to talk to her.
<ToyKeeper>	But I went to meet the other one instead.
<ToyKeeper>	She was Heart.  As to be expected, when I saw her I felt as if I'd like to spend my life with her.
<Kore>	ahh
<ToyKeeper>	Body came to me, and added "We are the three fates."
<Kore>	i have a picture of me with them
<ToyKeeper>	Red alert.
<ToyKeeper>	I suddenly lost interest in the three, and was very afraid.
<ToyKeeper>	Things flashed in my mind from ancient myths and horror stories.
<ToyKeeper>	I remembered all the bizarre things which had happened, and somehow I knew these three were to be avoided.
<ToyKeeper>	The three smiled at me pleasantly.
<ToyKeeper>	I smiled back, and walked slowly away.
<ToyKeeper>	"Never ask why -- just smile and back away slowly" kept running through my mind.
<ToyKeeper>	I didn't remember where I had heard it.
<Kore>	back to where
<Kore>	hehe
<ToyKeeper>	They were blocking my path to see Kate, so I continued walking backward.
<ToyKeeper>	Then I turned and ran.
<ToyKeeper>	Strange sensations and longings coursed through my body, but I continued to run.
<ToyKeeper>	I ran to the chamber of the twelve books.
<ToyKeeper>	When I got there, I locked myself in.
<ToyKeeper>	(as this gets closer to the end, it gets harder and harder to say it in a way that isn't totally cheesy and sucky)
<Kore>	my head is heavy
<ToyKeeper>	(perhaps I should give the quick summary of what's left, and then go to bed)
<Kore>	hah
<Kore>	give it all
<ToyKeeper>	(I'm not sure exactly how things happen at this point, so I'll give an overview instead)
<Kore>	can you bring me up to present
<ToyKeeper>	In the chamber, I stand in the center and briefly cease to exist.
<Kore>	a short summary of everything
<Kore>	up onto this poinnt
<ToyKeeper>	It's like communing with god, sort of.
<ToyKeeper>	(er, summary of the end -- scroll back of you want to see what happened earlier.  :)
<Kore>	school->chamber->school->aliens->chamber->body->school->body heart and mind?
<ToyKeeper>	(I guess)
<ToyKeeper>	While there, I learned some things but not consciously.
<ToyKeeper>	More like learning instincts.
<ToyKeeper>	The fates show up outside the chamber, demanding to get in.
<ToyKeeper>	Body tried to use sex to lure me out, but that just made me incoherent.
<ToyKeeper>	So, Mind tried talking to me.
<ToyKeeper>	She gave me a damn good argument explaining why I should help them and open the door.
<ToyKeeper>	Damn good argument.
<ToyKeeper>	But I didn't open it.  It didn't feel right.
<Kore>	ugh
<ToyKeeper>	I thought about Kate, and focused on her.
<ToyKeeper>	Then I knew what I had to do.
<ToyKeeper>	I opened the door, and let myself out.  But I locked it again.
<Kore>	i have such a correlation between the story and my life
<ToyKeeper>	Body tried to control me, and make me unlock it again.
<ToyKeeper>	But what I realized earlier is that the fates were linked to me.
<ToyKeeper>	Kate had told me that.
<Kore>	it's the dawn of end the dusk of beginning
<ToyKeeper>	I finally understood.
<ToyKeeper>	So, I concentrated hard, and I took control of Body.
<ToyKeeper>	I did to her what she had done to me, and put her in an incoherent state of desire.
<Kore>	you da man
<ToyKeeper>	With Kate's words in mind, I turned my attention to Mind. 
<ToyKeeper>	(heh. don't I *wish* I could do that to people..  :)
<ToyKeeper>	I approached Mind, and put my hands on her.  One on each side of her head.
<Kore>	you can man
<ToyKeeper>	I pulled her toward me and kissed her.
<Kore>	just as i can
<ToyKeeper>	I concentrated, and picked her brain.
<Kore>	i made a stripper moan
<Kore>	hehe
<ToyKeeper>	Sucked out everything she knew.
<Kore>	here it is i am supposed to be the one
<ToyKeeper>	And then I dropped her.
<Kore>	who she controls and takes my money
<Kore>	and i am making her forget the rest of existence
<Kore>	hehe
<ToyKeeper>	Then I turned to Heart, and gave her an icy glare which would have shattered a mirror.
<ToyKeeper>	She just slumped to the floor in fear.
<Kore>	and they call me judas
<Kore>	you're pure evil
<Kore>	hehe
<ToyKeeper>	And after they were all defeated, I released them.
<ToyKeeper>	They knew they were beaten, and would willfully do as I asked.
<Kore>	you should have taken them forever
<ToyKeeper>	So, I told them to leave me the fuck alone, and just let me handle things.
<ToyKeeper>	They regretfully left.
<ToyKeeper>	And I was alone again.
<ToyKeeper>	I concentrated on a perfect world, a perfect universe.  Mostly, I concentrated on Kate.  She was most of my universe anyway.
<Kore>	doh
<Kore>	yeah
<ToyKeeper>	I concentrated until I couldn't see, or hear, or feel.
<ToyKeeper>	I lost all sense.
<ToyKeeper>	Then when I woke up, I was staring at the sky.  It was nighttime.
<ToyKeeper>	I saw a shooting star.  It went down over the horizon.
<ToyKeeper>	But I wasn't afraid.  I turned to look at Kate next to me, and smiled.
<Kore>	it's the cycle
<Kore>	but..
<Kore>	when does it end
<ToyKeeper>	No, that's pretty much the end.
<Kore>	what's the purpose of the room
<Kore>	you know all these things leave me unsatisfied
<ToyKeeper>	The chamber was the activation and focus point for the ancient magic.
<Kore>	it's the perfect ending
<Kore>	but anymore to me it's perfectly boring
<ToyKeeper>	Then again, it was a dream!  So, if something was left hanging, get over it.  :)
<Kore>	i need a new twist
<Kore>	ah what dreams may come
<Kore>	i wish you more dreams
<Kore>	better ones
<ToyKeeper>	Heh.  :)
<Kore>	with me involved
<Kore>	hehe

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