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  • /resume: Converted resume to new template system, and updated the content.
  • : Converted Baen page to new template system.
  • : Converted DVD/deCSS page to new template system.
  • /palmpilot: Converted the Palm Pilot section to the new template system.
  • /wallpaper: Generalized JTHM background code into a gallery engine, and added desktop backgrounds section.
  • /wallpaper: Added wallpapers from
  • : Converted MP3 page to new template system.
  • /wallpaper: Added Dhabih Eng wallpapers.
  • /wallpaper: Added Dead Dreamer wallpapers.
  • /wallpaper: Added wallpapers from Ebonrawn. Go check them out!


  • /changelog: Added link field to change log... Still need to implement proper change sessions, to make it general enough to handle multiple users and so the implementation won't be a kludge.
  • /changelog: Added Change Log. Maybe now people will notice when things are updated. :)


  • : Added pumpkin shots
  • : Added wallpapers from JTHM
  • : Added Johnny The Homicidal Maniac section


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