Firefox Memory Leak Fixed in 2.0

no, really

2007-03-02 18:37

I just realized... firefox 2 fixed the memory leak issue I've been complaining about for years. Ever since I upgraded to 2.0, I haven't thought about the Big Memory Leak which plagued my web browsing from the early days of phoenix through firebird on up to firefox 1.5.

Firefox is so unstable now that I can't keep it running long enough for the leak to matter. It no longer uses up all my RAM.

And in case I wanted to try a different approach to memory overload, tabs won't help. The new session saver feature doesn't seem to work at all, even if I destroy my profile and start over from scratch.

But that's not all. It also prevents add-on session savers from working. I can't open enough tabs in one session for memory to be an issue, because firefox crashes. And when I restart, it's a clean slate. So, there's no way I can open enough tabs to worry about memory use.

Conclusion: Mission Accomplished!

Way to go, guys. I know you were all working hard on this one. It's an impressive team effort.
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