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Last Day (RPM 2010 version)

Last Day (excerpt, shortened for RPM 2010)
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 1:04
Download: 06.Last_Day.mp3

Parking Lot (RPM 2010 version)

Parking Lot (excerpt, shortened for RPM 2010)
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 0:53
Download: 05.Parking_Lot.mp3

One-Finger Boogie (RPM 2010 version)

One-Finger Boogie (shortened for RPM 2010)
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 0:50
Download: 02.One-Finger_Boogie.mp3


2010-08-14 22:22
A Kaossilator Pro showed up in the mail today. This is the first thing I made with it. It's kinda sloppy and aimless, but I was having fun and I think it's at least not horrible. The new toy has some good sounds on it, and it's nice having more total channels and a way to continuously loop-record on multiple banks.
Tools used: Kaossilator Pro, KP3, Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 14:59
Download: 2010-08-14_22:22.1.mp3

I'm Here to Inspect Your Toast

2009-09-01 23:45
Knock, knock.


"Hello, ma'am. I'm here to inspect your toast."

"But I don't have any toast!"

This is another really chaotic tune, with some low, scratchy undertones which I've been told sound like chewing toast. All the sounds are from a Kaossilator, with effects added by a KP3. To make the doodle, I did the usual -- one hand doing layers and effects on the KP3 while the other hand played notes on the Kaossilator.
Tools used: Kaossilator, KP3, Audacity
Length: 7:45
Download: 2009-09-01_23:45.1.mp3

Double-Fisting the Chaos

2009-07-16 06:00
Okay, so lately I've been in the mood for noise. This one is pretty dissonant and drenched in effects. It happened because I touched a line-in connector just after the KP3 had booted up with heavy distortion on, and it made a nice buzz. I thought maybe something dark and ravey would go with it.

All I did with Audacity was trim/fade the ends. The rest of the recording is just me messing around in real time with two kaoss pads. Fun with diminished scales and a grain shifter!
Tools used: distorted feedback from line-in, Roland RS-5 (chords), Kaossilator, KP3, Audacity
Length: 5:02
Download: 2009-07-16_06:00.1.mp3

I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays

2009-02-26 09:40
A spacious, relaxed, free-form melody in a combination diminshed scale.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 5:46
Download: 2009-02-26_09:40.1.mp3

Invalid Barcode

2009-05-03 18:05
This blues jam was inspired by the sound the grocery store bar code reader makes when it sees an item it doesn't recognize. After hearing it, I immediately did what anyone would do; go home, write it down, and jam for a while. It's fun to play, but I probably recorded a bit longer than necessary...
Tools used: Kaossilator, KP3, Audacity
Length: 14:19
Download: 2009-05-03_18:05.1.mp3

50,109 Words

2008-11-30 23:50
I made this just before midnight during the NaNoWriMo "Race to the Finish" party, after I had completed my 50k words. I wasn't too happy with it at the time, but I like it now. I think it shows how easy it is to use the diminished scale.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 15:26
Download: 2008-11-30_23:50.2.mp3

Morning Groove

2008-10-25 07:04
For a while, I kept using slow beats so the phrases would be longer. I think I like the slow beat here. It seems about right for walking.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 7:52
Download: 2008-10-25_07:04.mp3


2008-10-28 19:49
This one is more relaxed and spacious. I call it "cold" because it sounds chilly, and because I had a cold at the time.

I know the timing of the hi hat and the main accompaniment are off from each other. By the time I noticed, it was too late to fix it. Oh well.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 10:12
Download: 2008-10-28.19:49.1.mp3


2008-12-31 16:27
Maybe I'll figure out a title for this one some day.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 2:16
Download: 2008-12-31.16:27.2.mp3

Before Hacksci

2009-01-06 19:19
Just a little doodle from the trip to a coffee shop where Hacking Society is held every Tuesday.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 5:21
Download: 2009-01-06_19:19.mp3


2009-01-08 19:07
I made this on the way to the monthly Python meeting.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 4:50
Download: 2009-01-08_19:07.mp3


2009-01-08 22:38
After a local Pythonistas meeting, I made some sounds on the way home.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 7:30
Download: 2009-01-08_22:38.mp3

Parking Lot

This is a snippet from a much longer recording I made in the parking lot at work. Since the Kaossilator is battery-powered and I'm using my iAudio X5 to record, the car is a surprisingly good place to jam.

I don't know if/when I'll get around to doing anything with the other 26 minutes I recorded during that session. This was near the end, after I had added all the layers.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 3:56
Download: 2008-11-21a.1.mp3


This was my first time using "dly" mode on the Kaossilator, or "chaos mode" as I call it. It provides 16 beats but no undo. I recorded for about 20 minutes, but much of it sucked and it needed to be broken into two different pieces. This is the first piece. Several phrases are cut out of the middle.

Also, I think I've decided the scale I used was too restrictive. It didn't have enough notes to really do anything interesting.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 4:58
Download: test-6a.2.mp3

One-Finger Boogie

The one-finger boogie!
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 1:12
Download: 2008-10-27.07:50.mp3


I finally switched to a better recording setup. This song was just a test to see if it worked. I'm using the line-in jack on my iAudio X5 to record now. Before, I had been using the horrible mic jack on my computer, which is mono and full of electrical noise.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 1:52
Download: test-12a.2.mp3


I just discovered that the blues major scale, oddly enough, is half decent for making dark-sounding tunes.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 3:57
Download: test-11a.3.mp3


This is where I dump the sounds I make with my Korg toys. They aren't what I'd call finished songs, or really songs at all. They're just the random things I make up from time to time. The Kaossilator is a "phrase synthesizer", meaning it can only handle one phrase at a time, so it's not really suited for composing or performing full musical pieces. Instead, it builds and plays a loop while I scribble on top of it.

The general process for making these doodles is:
  1. (optional) Mess around until I get a loop I like.
  2. Press "record" on my sound recorder.
  3. Jam on the Kaossilator and/or KP3 until I get bored.
  4. Press "stop". Copy the wave file to my computer.
  5. Trim and fade the ends.
  6. (optional) Cut out any sections which sucked.
  7. Normalize the volume.
  8. Publish the brand new doodle here!
It generally takes 5-20 minutes to play a doodle, another 15-45 minutes to trim/fade and cut the file, and then a few minutes to encode and publish it.

As for whether any of it sounds good... There are probably a lot of mistakes in each doodle. There are a few reasons for this:
  • I make this stuff up in real time off the top of my head. There is no plan.
  • I'm playing a very imprecise instrument, so it's not really feasible to hit the note I intended every time.
  • I'm often playing the Kaossilator with one hand while using the KP3 with the other. It's quite possible that either hand may have been on autopilot at any given time.
In short, the Kaossilator is a very sloppy instrument. Also fun, easy, and quick. But very very sloppy.

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