RSVP streaming text reader for python/gtk


GutenFlash is a streaming text reader, used for speed or convenience while reading narrative. I cannot demonstrate it directly on the web, but the following is similar to reading a text with it:

displays a few
words at a time,
flashing each
"line" in quick
It delays a
variable amount
of time between
each line,
depending on
and paragraphs
each get their
own delay,
to simulate
natural reading
The effect is
vaguely similar
to reading a
narrow column of
but the eyes do
not need to move
as the text
flashes by.


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thumb_001_neo1973.png GutenFlash 0.8.4 in OpenMoko on a Neo1973
thumb_002_2002-09-03.gutenflash-0.8.png GutenFlash 0.8.0 running as a toolbar app inside the Matchbox window manager, on an ipaq. GutenFlash 0.6 inside the PWM window manager on an ipaq.


GutenFlash requires:
  • PyGTK
  • GTK2
  • My tktk module. (included)
  • My pycfg module. (included)
  • Texts to read


Here are several current and past versions of GutenFlash.

Other/older files
OpenMoko versions

The .ipk packages are created for use in's Familiar distribution, but they are python scripts and should run on any architecture. And they are easily unpacked with tar and gzip.


The included INSTALL file explains what to do:
Installation Instructions for GutenFlash

This should help you get a GutenFlash snapshot installed and working.

First, make sure you have GTK2 libraries installed, and the PyGTK package
installed.  PyGTK must work with GTK2.

Unpack gutenflash somewhere, then run the following:
(the % signifies the prompt; do not type it)

  % cd gutenflash-N.N.N
  % sudo make install

The program will be installed as /usr/bin/gutenflash .

If make fails with an error about the ChangeLog, you probably have
downloaded a snapshot tarball.  This should fix the problem:

  % touch ChangeLog
  % sudo make install

You can also install to a different directory, with a command such as:

  % sudo make DESTDIR=/path/to/somewhere install

If you like, you can create a config for yourself, and customize it:

  % gutenflash --showcfg > ~/.gutenflash.conf
  % vim ~/.gutenflash.conf

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