Airports and Secret Laws

John Gilmore's fight for our freedom to travel
John Gilmore (founder of the EFF) is fighting against the secret laws now in place for airports, and our freedom to travel anonymously. The following are both excellent sources of information about it:

GrepLaw Interview with John Gilmore

The interview begins with...
First, I think we need to establish your take on terrorism. Is terrorism wrong?

It depends on the definition of terrorism. I like the CIA's definition of terrorism from Stansfield Turner's book "Secrecy and Democracy". It was something like, "violence or force directed at a small group of people with the intent to influence a much larger group". By that definition, the US government practices terrorism every time it arrests a medical marijuana smoker "because it sends the wrong message to kids". Is that wrong? I think so.

(Of course, the US government has revised its definition of terrorism since then, to make sure that nothing the US Government does can be considered terrorism by its new definition. Terrorism is now defined as force applied for political reasons by people other than the US Government.)
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Freedom to Travel official site

This site is everything you could ever want to know about John's progress, why we shouldn't have ID checks at airports, and how the US is deviating farther and farther from the Constitution. Be sure to read the FAQ there... it's quite interesting and informative.
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