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I have an Amazon wishlist too. Might be a good place to look.

Lately I've been enjoying music toys, video games, socializing, and generally trying new things. But something practical/useful would be just as good as something fun.

Misc stuff

  • Make a donation in my name to the Free Software Foundation or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • Take me to a movie, coffee, concert, lunch, etc...
  • A nice pocket knife; Spyderco or similar. Bonus points if it's weighted to open via inertia with a flick of the wrist. I'm fidgety and that's kind of a fun way to fidget.
  • Massages are always nice.
  • An unlocked (or Sprint) Linux-based phone, such as the Motorola Droid, Nokia n900, or Nexus.
  • Vash sunglasses: circular yellow lenses, with a zig-zag on the side of the frame.
  • Comics you think I might like.
  • A glass surface for my desk
  • Zubbles: Colored bubbles
  • A compact zoom camera: Canon SX200 IS (12MP, 12X optical, pocket-sized)
  • Toys
  • Smiles
  • Motivation

Music and Sound

  • A cracklebox. Here's one type of cracklebox... and a video showing a short demo of it. Or here's a video of a nice DIY cracklebox.
  • A nice microphone and a short cable to connect it to a 1/4" stereo jack.
  • A Drawdio -- a pencil circuit which lets you draw and play music. (it makes sense if you watch the video(s)) ($18)
  • Korg Kaossilator Pro. ($300-$400)
  • MicroKORG XL keyboard ($500).
  • Korg nanoKONTROL device ($50), to control all the virtual knobs and sliders in a soft synth.
  • Some way to hold all my music gear to make it easier to use. A floating desk would be ideal, but we don't have hoverboards yet.
  • Double bass drum pedal. (~$150)
  • Misc cables / connectors... ask me for details.


  • Wii ($199?)
  • Playstation 3 ($299?)
  • A 1080p display to use with a Playstation 3 ($100-$200)
  • Playstation 2 ($130?)
  • Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (for PS2)
  • Bayonetta (for PS3)
  • Dreamcast (~$50?)

ThinkGeek stuff

  • Airzooka ($13)
  • They have lots of other neat stuff too, but I'm far from familiar with the whole catalog.


Stuff I already received

In case this helps give you any ideas, here are some things I already got and liked:
  • Some nice headphones, such as Sony MDR-7506 or MDR-V700 or MDR-V6. ($60-$100)
  • A Korg Kaossilator KO-1
  • A Korg Kaoss Pad 3 (KP3)
  • Nokia n810 Linux-based "internet tablet"
  • A wooden recorder (sounds much nicer than plastic).(thanks, mom!)
  • Electric drum set -- the type with touch-sensitive pads that can be reprogrammed with various sounds, preferably with midi output and user-definable sounds. The "ddrum 4" or "ddrum 4 se" is pretty nice. (~$2500)
  • (done: thanks, me!) Portable music (mp3/ogg) player.
  • Canon Powershot SD700
  • Canon Powershot S1 IS
  • IBM 31P9490 Keyboard to replace my current Happy Hacker + Cirque Easycat devices
  • Green laser pointer (thanks, mom/dad!)
  • head lamp: Petzl Zipka Plus
  • A nice water bottle (Nalgene or similar).
  • Small refrigerator/freezer I could use at work.
  • A taco stand (or two) to keep tacos from falling over. (thanks, mom/dad!)
  • Kill-a-watt power measurement device. ($30, thinkgeek)
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • M3 homebrew card for the Nintendo DS
  • Diskwars strategy game pieces.
  • A tripod, or similar camera-holding device.
  • Transmetropolitan. (thanks for 4-10, trae!)
  • Books by Carol Berg (thanks, trae!)
  • "Monsters" TV show DVDs (especially "The Moving Finger" episode) (found online, and ... wow, the show is worse than I remembered :)
  • One Pound Bag o' Thinking Putty: Like silly putty, but better. I like all the weird colors: bronze, silver, oil slick, electric green, lilac, scarab, lava, sunburst, amethyst, twilight, and all of the glow-in-the-dark ones.
  • Invader Zim DVDs. I think there are 3 DVDs plus an extras disc. They all fit into a special box modelled after Zim's house, which is available either empty (~$20, with the extras disc), or full (~$90, 4 discs total).
  • (done: thanks Shmoo & Chuck!) Shaolin Soccer DVD
  • Fingerworks TouchStream keyboard. (~$330) (note 2005-08: D'oh. Fingerworks died. That'll make it much harder to find a touchstream)
  • DVD writer. (I found a nice one for only $38)
  • done: (thanks, Willfe!) DVD+R media. Preferably, in spools of 50.
  • CDR media. Preferably, in spools of 50. I've been using Memorex ones lately, without any fancy colors.
  • done: multimeter / voltimeter
  • Two 512MiB RAM sticks for my notebook.
  • Large hard drive for my notebook.
  • Sharp Zaurus 5500 (done: thanks, me!)
  • Palm Pilot (done: I bought myself a m500)
  • (done: thanks, galen!) Grab bag (or two) of magnets: (plus, magnetic field viewing sheet). These guys have lots of neat magnets. The 3/4" spheres are especially fun. But the grab bag is pretty neat too. I'm also interested in a few 1/4" spheres, a lot of 3/16" cubes, and some small oblong box-shaped magnets.
  • (done: thanks, trae!) Liquid ferrofluid: reviewed here
  • Done (thanks, mom/dad!): A binary clock would be pretty neat.
  • Done: A foam pillow. Mine is really, really old and getting flat.
  • Done: GNU sticker to cover up the logo on my notebook.
  • TV-B-Gone. Turns off almost any TV. (thanks, trae!)
  • (done: thanks a bunch, trae!) Unicycle
  • done: Good NiMH batteries. (probably some powerex ones from here)
  • (done: thanks, mom/dad!) Ionic air purifier. this one seems to be relatively cheap/effective. ($60-$80)
  • "Cuddle Pillow". Big soft cylinder.. About $8 at Mervyn's..?
  • Nice headphones.. either one which wraps around behind the head, or which has over-ear pieces not connected to each other. A good durable cable is a BIG plus, too. (done: thanks, me!)
  • AA and AAA NiMH batteries (Nexcell or Maha, highest mAH they sell), plus charger. (
  • 8-bit tie ($20)
  • Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver ($15)
  • Anthropomorphizer stickers ($4)
  • Magnetic fridge pins ($5)
  • Gorillapod ($22-$50)
  • Ice glasses ($8)
  • "Uber Orbs" oblong, chirping magnetoids.
  • (done: thanks, Liz!) Bike tail light.. the kind which flashes, and is powered by the back wheel... or perhaps a flashing battery-powered LED light.
  • (done: Thanks, trae!) Forever Flashlight. No batteries; just shake it to charge it up! Power only lasts for 5 minutes, but that is no problem if you shake it periodically.
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