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random noise I made on my Korg Kaossilator and KP3
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I really like this one. I used the "chaos mode" with 16 beats and no undo, and managed not to screw up my loop while adding layers. And thanks to the magic of layering, I even got something vaguely like musical progression instead of just repetitive loops.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 6:29
Download: test-9b.3.mp3

crazy melody

The Kaossilator makes it really easy to produce melodies which would be difficult or impossible on other instruments. Here's an example of what can be done pretty easily with one wiggling finger.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 0:38
Download: crazy-melody-1.mp3


I really like the way instrument L.11 maps the Y axis onto octave changes. It's a really fun instrument to play with.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 7:29
Download: test-8d.2.mp3


Just a quick little test I made while playing around, on my first day with the Kaossilator.
Tools used: Kaossilator, Audacity
Length: 0:46
Download: test-1a.2.mp3


This is where I dump the sounds I make with my Korg toys. They aren't what I'd call finished songs, or really songs at all. They're just the random things I make up from time to time. The Kaossilator is a "phrase synthesizer", meaning it can only handle one phrase at a time, so it's not really suited for composing or performing full musical pieces. Instead, it builds and plays a loop while I scribble on top of it.

The general process for making these doodles is:
  1. (optional) Mess around until I get a loop I like.
  2. Press "record" on my sound recorder.
  3. Jam on the Kaossilator and/or KP3 until I get bored.
  4. Press "stop". Copy the wave file to my computer.
  5. Trim and fade the ends.
  6. (optional) Cut out any sections which sucked.
  7. Normalize the volume.
  8. Publish the brand new doodle here!
It generally takes 5-20 minutes to play a doodle, another 15-45 minutes to trim/fade and cut the file, and then a few minutes to encode and publish it.

As for whether any of it sounds good... There are probably a lot of mistakes in each doodle. There are a few reasons for this:
  • I make this stuff up in real time off the top of my head. There is no plan.
  • I'm playing a very imprecise instrument, so it's not really feasible to hit the note I intended every time.
  • I'm often playing the Kaossilator with one hand while using the KP3 with the other. It's quite possible that either hand may have been on autopilot at any given time.
In short, the Kaossilator is a very sloppy instrument. Also fun, easy, and quick. But very very sloppy.

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