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I have my sawfish configuration online here, in case it is useful to anyone. It's not what I would consider an impressive or extensive setup, but it hopefully will answer the occasional question about how to implement or configure various features.

Config Files

I have my setup split into several files. This is how they are arranged:

I share this configuration across several machines, and all the config is kept in subversion. So, some parts are split into generic and machine-specific portions. This lets me share most of the config but still customize each machine for specific behavior that differs from the others.

Tabbed Windowing

I looked for "sawfish tabs" one day, hoping someone had implemented tabs in sawfish. I was looking for something like pwm or fluxbox's tabs. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but google pointed me at something which was a good start. Yann Hodique's sawfish code site contains fluxbox-like tabs which were close to what I wanted. I got his code to work, and have since made improvements. The result is available here.

What you will need for tabbed windowing are several files from the list above: tab.jl, tabgroup.jl, tab-keymap.jl, marks.jl, and a tab-enabled theme. Look at tab.jl for installation instructions.

If you make any improvements to the tab code, or make any tab-enabled themes, or even just find the tabbed windowing useful, please let me know. I'd like to incorporate improvements into the code here, and provide more themes which are compatible.

Tab Screenshots

The current look:
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