Dvorak Keyboard

why use qwerty?


The Dvorak Keyboard Layout is designed for efficiency, safety, speed, and ease of use. I like it. :)

The Qwerty layout most people use was designed to have the letters of "TYPEWRITER" in the top row, so salesmen wouldn't have to learn to type.

Here's a good link for more info: Dvorak Simplified Keyboard


The most useful picture is the title picture, or a non-inverted version of it. These are based on an image I grabbed from Peter Amstutz's page. He has potentially useful dvorak info there, as well as information about extra modifier keys in X11.

I've also got some larger images.

thumb_dvorak-bump2.gif Here's a pretty version, carved in stone.
thumb_keyb-dvorak.jpg And a high-resolution scan from the DOS 6.0 manual.


These should be handy for getting your keyboard switched:

Xmodmap file for Linux Download
Driver for DOS

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