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Please leave the download window open as long as possible after your download is complete. Do not click the "Finish" button. Thanks! You can leave the window open and watch the videos at the same time without problems.

These videos came from the Digital Archive Project, a group dedicated to collecting and preserving various television shows. These are the only copies of Max Headroom I've been able to find.

News (2005-11-19): Season 2 has been updated with the missing episode, a better copy of 2x05, and another special.

Now active:

Max Headroom Season 1 + extras stats 3.47 GB
Max Headroom Season 2 stats 3.02 GB
Max Headroom Season 2 (v2) stats 3.45 GB

If your download is slow, try turning off your firewall, or poking a hole in it. (more info in the BitTorrent FAQ) To get good speeds with BitTorrent, you must upload as you download!

Note: if you already have some episodes from a series, you can make BT download only the ones you still need. Just tell BT to "save as" and give it the name of the folder you already have episodes in. It will figure out the rest, and save you some time downloading.

If you would like to help others get these files, here's how:

  • After your download completes, leave bittorrent running. That's it. Leave it running for a good long time.
  • Or... click the link as though you were going to download, and instead of saving to a new file, "save" it on top of the completed file. BitTorrent will verify the file integrity, and then say "Download Succeeded!" Now just leave it open and you can help out everyone else.
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