The Amazing Anagram Thingie!

hey, at least I didn't call it Orgas-o-matic


To run "The Amazing Anagram Thingie!", most of the files you will need are included here:
Everything (frontend, engine, dictionary) Version 0.5 (450k).
Just the Tcl/Tk frontend... The Amazing Anagram Thingie! (12k).
Just the dictionary... (396k).
Just the anagram engine... an-0.93-xyzz.tar.gz (45k).
This includes a 130,000 word dictionary, a very fast anagram-generation engine, and the tcl/tk interface for browsing.

You'll also need Tcl V8.0 and Tk V8.0 to run this, and it may be difficult to use on a non-unix machine.

What's an anagram?

An anagram is a word or phrase obtained from another word or phrase by rearranging the letters and adding or removing spaces.

This can be a rather fun way to find alternate names for things. For example, Netscape Navigator can be re-arranged to spell out Proven Satanic Gate . Neat, huh? I also know it by the name Captain GraveStone . I like Netscape , but it is still fun to play with the name.


Here is a screenshot of it running:
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