extremely organized Directed Acyclic Graph filesystem


DAG is a highly-organized filesystem and application framework. It achieves a new level of organization by extending the traditional hierarchic file storage concept. It allows files/objects to have not only an unlimited number of child objects, but also to have multiple parents.

DAG combines several concepts into a single, organized data store:
  • Unified files/dirs/attributes (ReiserFS4): Greatly increases power and expressiveness by unifying everything into a single API. Eliminates the need for hundreds of different tools for similar tasks, by making the basics (ls, cp, etc) more expressive.
  • Inheritance/acquisition (Zope, OO programming in general): Keeps authoring overhead low by picking up as much functionality as possible from context, automatically.
  • Unlimited parents per object (never before available in a FS, but essential to OO programming):


DAG requires:
  • Python
  • A database (Postgres, for now)
  • Pygresql


DAG is not yet available.
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