Bush is Broke

... and so it begins.

As stated on ABC News, 2004-11-03, less than 24 hours after the election polling closed...

The US government expects to be out of money within two weeks, by mid-November. Officials officially waited until just after the election to mention that they've been broke for three weeks, and are nearly out of tricks to keep things running.

The solution? Take out a bigger loan. The plan is to borrow $690 billion more, putting the debt at just over $8 trillion. Don't worry, though. Your children can pay it back. This marks the third record-breaking year of debt in a row; Bush has consecutively set the record with $377B, $413B, and now $690B.

Bush apparently plans to solve the problem by cutting tax enforcement where it counts, cutting taxes for the filthy rich, and inflating the US Dollar. He can do this because most of his supporters don't notice what he does, only what he says or implies. As for those who don't support him, though, don't forget that 48 percent of the US still hates Bush.
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