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I've found a few games which my ferrets seem to like:

Chase the Feather

My younger ferret Fidgett really enjoys chasing a cat toy. It is a feather on a string, attached to a stiff long rod. She likes it just as much as the cat, and I can get her running at top speed all over the house, trying to catch it. I can even get her to stand and jump to get it. It's very cute, and gives her good exercise.

The older ferret, Waffles, likes it too. But she doesn't chase it. She loves to be chased by it, though. She goes wild, hopping about, tripping, running into things, with a crazed look on her face.

Chase the Old Man

Both of my ferrets, and perhaps all ferrets, love this game. It's simple. Play with the ferret. Chase her around. Let her chase you. Hide, and seek her when she hides. And when you meet, wrestle and make silly noises. :)

This is a fun game for you too, but you will get tired before the ferret does.

Chase Waffles

My older ferret, Waffles, likes to be chased. The younger ferret Fidgett likes to pursue. So they run laps around the house together. They sometimes do it for nearly an hour. And when they meet, they wrestle and squeak and chirp.
thumb_wrestle-1.jpg thumb_wrestle-2.jpg thumb_wrestle-3.jpg thumb_wrestle-4.jpg thumb_wrestle-5.jpg

Pipe Chase!

A ferret. A tube. What else do you need?
thumb_pipe-chase-1.jpg thumb_pipe-chase-2.jpg thumb_pipe-chase-3.jpg
Here's what the ferrets see inside the pipe. I'd be curious what's inside.. wouldn't you?

Chew on Rubber

Fidgett has, shall we say.. an affinity for rubber. If it's made of rubber, she wants to hide it and chew it apart. She loves dog toys.
thumb_chew_rubber-1.jpg thumb_chew_rubber-2.jpg
Fidgett will get so worked up about hiding things that you can sometimes pick her up by the item she's stealing!
She is especially fond of the bathroom plunger. Luckily, we've never used it, so it has become a ferret toy.


One thing the ferrets love is digging. I wadded up a bunch of papers and threw them in a box, along with a few sprinkles of food. The ferrets love digging through it and searching for the food. They seem to like the crinkly sounds the paper makes, too.
thumb_tub_spelunking-1.jpg thumb_tub_spelunking-2.jpg thumb_tub_spelunking-3.jpg thumb_tub_spelunking-4.jpg

Climb the Screen Door

This isn't actually a game, and it rather annoys me. But Fidgett really loves to climb all the way up screen doors. The picture is just after Fidgett realized I was watching her, and she's trying to abort her mission. Note that she is between a screen and a glass door, but you can't see the glass.

Nose Diving

If there's a hole, or a corner, or a crack, or anything big enough for a ferret's nose, the little ones will find it and sniff it. If it's large enough to fit in, they'll climb inside. It doesn't matter what or where the hole is. If they can fit, they will.
thumb_nose_diving-1.jpg thumb_nose_diving-2.jpg
Here's Fidgett, checking if she can fit through a crack. Looks like someone who is walking on a ledge outside a tall building, doesn't it?

Table Shark

Fidgett thinks she's clever. She tried to "hide" underneath a clear vinyl table covering.
thumb_vinyl-1.jpg thumb_vinyl-2.jpg thumb_vinyl-3.jpg thumb_vinyl-4.jpg thumb_vinyl-5.jpg

Raid the Candy Dish

No matter what I do, I just can't keep Fidgett out of the candy dish. She's a sucker for jelly beans. And even if something is wrapped in plastic, she still likes to hide it.

Knock Stuff Over

This one is one of their favorites. I try to prevent it, but they still find things to knock over. Trash cans, glasses, anything.
thumb_trash-1.jpg thumb_trash-2.jpg thumb_glass-1.jpg
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