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I've got a Palm Pilot IIIx, which I've had since the middle of 1999. It has been very handy, and gets more useful every month. Here's a list of software I use on it, and what I use it for (or why I find it useful). I hope this helps guide people toward good software.

Spiffy Utilities

Benchmark Shows you how fast your Pilot is.
BigClock It's big. It's a clock. What else do you need?
Seriously, it's pretty neat. It has alarms, timers, world time, and it lets you set the Pilot's time with a resolution of 1 second. (unlike everything else, which only gives you minutes)
Brain Forest This is probably the best palmpilot program ever written. I just can't express how useful this thing is. It is a "tree editor", better known as an outliner. It can completely replace your Memo Pad and Todo List, and you won't miss them. I use it to keep track of just about everything. I take notes on it in class, I brainstorm ideas on it, I keep bazillions of handy lists, including a grocery list, movies I liked, things I need to do for people, etc...
Diddle A very nice sketchpad! It allows fullscreen drawing, with an interface that stays out of the way until you need it. You can even make pictures pop up as alarms with Diddle's cousin, DiddleBug. The only thing it seems to be missing is a "zoom" mode for precise pixel-by-pixel editing.
Easy Calc This calculator rocks. It draws graphs, it lets you define functions, it handles common base conversions and binary manipulations, it has scientific and financial functions, and so on. It's not quite an HP48, but still good.
IcoEdit Don't like your programs' default icons? Change them! I've changed quite a few of mine, which are shown in the .
Insider Gives detailed memory info on all Pilot files, and lets you modify some of their properties. I haven't tried any similar programs, though, so I don't know how this one compares.
PalmWord++ This finds ways to make words out of letters, like in scrabble. It's not as powerful (or as useful to me) as a simple Perl regular-expression engine would be, but it's the best I've found for the Pilot. I may someday write a replacement for this, to aid in finding anagrams, and to act as a dictionary "grep".
PktQuicken Pocket Quicken is handy for keeping track of checks I write, and charges to my credit card. I can usually record a transaction in the time it takes the cashier to validate the card information; then I put the information into my desktop computer later.
PunchClock I use this to keep track of the time I should get paid for working, and the time I spend on projects. It's not as good as desktop-computer software such as GTimer, but it's the best portable timetracker I could find.
Remote OmniRemote is just amazingly cool. Create a remote control onscreen, train it with your regular remote, and you can control any infrared device with it. It turns your Pilot into a universal remote. Unfortunately, the range is not usually as far as a real remote, so it's more useful for showing off than for actual use.
RPN Reverse Polish calculator. I've got this attached to my calculator button, because it's the closest thing I could find to an HP48. It doesn't do as much as Easy Calc, but boy oh boy do I like that Reverse Polish. :)
Secret! This stores information encrypted, and protected by a password. I find it handy to store information I don't want people to see. It's more convenient than the Pilot's built-in "private" record system, and more secure.
TealDoc A spiffy Doc reader. I haven't tried many others, though, so you should look up a Doc Reader Comparison (there are a few) to find out what you need.
TealPaint A close second to Diddle, this sketchpad offers the one feature Diddle lacks: a "zoom" mode for precise editing. Otherwise, I'd recommend Diddle instead.

Fun Games

Bubblet This is basically "same-game" for Pilot.
FreeCell A good solitaire game.
GemHunt Similar to MineHunt, but with less chance involved, and more logic.
MineHunt The classic Minesweeper game, for the Pilot.
Mulg Mulg is a surprisingly fun game! Think Marble Madness for the Pilot. It's even better when you add a tilt sensor to the Pilot! The only downside (besides the massive amounts of time you may lose while playing) is that this game tends to eat batteries.
ObStrat Oblique Strategies gives you random ideas to help cure mental blocks, or suggest solutions to problems. Not really a game, but still pretty spiffy / handy.
Oracle Magic 8-ball. Surprisingly accurate, too.
Reptoids Asteroids. Kinda neat.
Solitaire This has 10 different types of solitaire, and all are done well. I'd award this a spot in the top 5 programs available for the Pilot.
Tetrin Tetris.
Traffic A very interesting game. You must move cars in a traffic jam to clear up traffic. It can be very difficult at times!
Vexed Move blocks around to make them disappear. Harder than many similar games.

Cool Hacks

Note: not all of these require HackMaster, but most do.
ClearHack Gets rid of the underline on text areas, making it much easier to read.
ClipHack Makes your clipboard bigger, and tells you how many bytes you're copying.
Cruise Control Reduces memory wait states to speed up your pilot by 50%. This doesn't overclock the cpu, so it's pretty safe.
SelectHack Lets you double-tap to select words, or triple-tap to select whole lines.
StreakHack Slightly reduces ghosting onscreen, and speeds up the pilot a bit.
TealEcho Shows you what you're writing in the graffiti area.
TealGlance A pop-up shows you the time, date, battery, next day of datebook items, and top todo's.
TealScript I'd put this program in the top 5 too. It replaces graffiti, and you can train it to recognize your handwriting. I write at least twice as fast with this program! It allows several different strokes per letter, with lots of options to tune it for the best performance.

Programs I don't use

Dreadling Wolfenstein 3D for the Pilot. Ick.
GoBar Windows CE-like desktop. Ick.
Graviton Similar to XPilots for Linux. Cool game, but it's not much fun with only one player.
Pocket Chess A great chess game, but, um.. I don't really enjoy chess.
Pocket Synth It lets you make beeps and even bleepish songs on the Pilot. Kinda neat, but it's not very useful since you can't save songs (and it's a pain to write them).
Quartus Forth A rather nice development platform, which lets you develop Pilot programs entirely on the the Pilot. But, I'm just not "into" Forth. Maybe I'll look at it more later.
TealInfo A great program, but I never found any TealInfo databases which were particularly useful.
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