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adding serial to an iPaq 3635 USB cradle
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I modified my iPaq 3635 USB cradle to add serial capability. It was a simple but difficult process. Mostly because I'm terrible at soldering, and I had to get someone else to do it. They didn't have much luck the first few tries, hence the burnt circuitboard.


The cradle, after modification. I removed the eject tab, and put the serial ribbon cable out through the hole. The ribbon cable connects to a real DB9 serial cable a few inches later, which is where I had to make sure I had the correct pinouts.
The front of the circuitboard. There is no place to attach wires. Older cradle models have a connector here which you can use to stick serial wires into.
The back of the circuitboard. I had to surface-mount solder 9 wires on.


When I modded my cradle, these were the pinouts I used:
	serial cable wire colors:
		pin 1 black
		pin 2 brown
		pin 3 red
		pin 4 orange
		pin 5 yellow
		pin 6 green
		pin 7 blue
		pin 8 teal
		pin 9 white

	iPaq CON2 Pins -> serial colors:
		1 (6) green
		2 (7) blue
		3 (8) teal
		4 (2) brown
		5 (3) red
		6 (1) black
		7 (4) orange
		8     NC
		9 (5) yellow (GND)
Not all serial cables use the same colors, so be sure to check those!
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