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Some screenshots from my new iPaq, in no particular order:
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2002-09-03.demon.png This shows my the demon-penguin background, inside blackbox. Also shows fscrib and my batt.py script.
2002-09-03.dillo-niven.png Reading a book with Dillo. The book is Fallen Angels, by Larry Niven. It is available at the Baen Free Library.
2002-09-03.fitaly-1.png My Scooby Doo background, a blackbox menu, and my first attempt at a Fitaly keyboard.
2002-09-03.fitaly-2.png Second try at a Fitaly Keyboard, using an early version of xkbd.

And, of course, Gen-an. I had to draw in his toes and part of the bottom blade, and I didn't quite get it right.

2002-09-03.gen-an-blue.png Gen-an and Fitaly again, but improved. I finally fixed the Gen-an graphic, and added some texture behind him. Also, doesn't xkbd look pretty now? The window manager is Matchbox.
2002-09-03.gen-an.png Clerk filebrowser, Gen-an, batt.py, and blackbox.
2002-09-03.gf-fs.png GutenFlash V0.6 loading up a new text file. This was shortly after the GTK FileSelector got fixed to fit onscreen.
2002-09-03.gutenflash-0.8.png GutenFlash 0.8.0. Matchbox. Gen-an. Gtk-menu. Minitime. Batt.py.

Notice the way gutenflash docks as a toolbar into matchbox. I think it's groovy. But that's because I like to see the background image while I read.

2002-09-03.ion-1.png The Ion window manager, running xkbd-fitaly, clerk, gtk-menu, batt.py, and a couple other programs in invisible tabs.

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