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Some screenshots from my new iPaq, in no particular order:
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2002-09-03.scooby.png My Scooby Doo background, and a blackbox menu.
2002-09-03.xkbd-storm.png The Storm PIM and xkbd-fitaly running inside Matchbox.
2002-12-05.gaim-irc.png Just trying to get IRC working on my zaurus. The packages available in familiar at the time were bitchx, which would be nasty on a PDA, and olirc which is way too young to be a viable option, and gaim-irc. Gaim works, but is just way too gaudy. Needs less icons, less padding, etc...
2002-12-05.olirc-1.png Trying to get a usable IRC client on Familiar.
But it's hard to fit much onscreen, and the clients out there either are poorly suited for PDA use (BitchX), or are just lousy IRC clients in general (gaim-irc). But olirc seems to work okay, so long as I don't care about seeing more than one channel. It also doesn't support lots of other things, like /me actions and other useful stuff.
2003-02-06.pydb-0.2-1.png An early version of PyDB, a GUI database editor for SQLite. It's showing data from my anime collection.
2003-10-21.zflash-1.png Qtopia version of gutenflash; never completed. Created for the Zaurus developer's contest, where you could write an app to win a Zaurus. But I was too busy at the time and decided to just buy one instead.

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