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Some screenshots from my new iPaq, in no particular order:
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2002-09-03.mmenu-order.png Just showing a bug in mmenu. It doesn't sort its menu entries correctly. This particular menu is not very useful any more, though, ever since minivol was released.
2002-09-03.pwm-1.png The PWM window manager. It combines multiple windows into a single frame like Ion, but still lets you have fairly normal window control like any other window manager. It's showing the workspace selector. Also, xstroke is running in the upper-left corner.
2002-09-03.pwm-xkbd.png The PWM window manager again, with a better color theme. Also, xkbd-fitaly. The process manager program is PyProc, which I had not yet released.
2002-09-03.pwm-xstroke.png PWM showing off the new xstroke onscreen scribble overlay. Xstroke is spiffy.
2002-09-03.pyproc-1.png PWM is showing off PyProc and the pyproc config file. The text editor is pedit, which I had not yet released.
2002-09-03.pyrpn-1.png Version 0.3 of PyRPN, the reverse polish calculator. I couldn't find a decent RPN calculator suitable for use on the ipaq, so I wrote one.
2002-09-03.pyrpn-2.png A prettier gtk theme for pyrpn.
2002-09-03.qpe-1.png I tried QPE (now Qtopia) briefly. It's pretty, but I didn't have much use for it. It rather sucked at the time. I hear it has gotten much better since then, especially if you use the Opie branch of it.
2002-09-03.rsvp-2.png An early version of GutenFlash, running in landscape mode.

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